The EarthKind Way

Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


Our company is guided by a simple idea: “Preserve the good. Prevent the rest.” We believe business has a larger role to play than delivering products or profits. Companies should take the lead to protect the health of humans, animals and the environment, and create opportunities where they don’t exist today.

That’s our vision for EarthKind. We were first to make naturally effective pest prevention products as an alternative to poisonous pest control. It’s part of our larger effort to eliminate the use of toxic and hazardous substances in the home and in the environment.

Our mission is to reduce people’s reliance on toxic pest control products from 90% today to 50% by 2020. Achieving this means empowering people with education. EarthKind is leading a movement of women and families who demand safe, sustainable alternatives. By providing natural products that really work, consumers are prepared to make healthier choices. We’re changing people’s minds and behaviors as well as their options.



Our uncompromising approach starts at the beginning. We use only natural raw ingredients sourced from farmers, processors, and suppliers who understand their responsibility as environmental stewards. Then we use lean principles to continually eliminate waste in our operations.

EarthKind’s manufacturing footprint is 98% carbon-free, according to a BEES analysis from the University of Iowa. We’ve accomplished this in several ways: Just-In-Time (JIT) Manufacturing, minimizing defects in the manufacturing process, reducing Work-In-Process (WIP) and changeovers, and designing packaging that minimizes waste. By using reusable and recyclable shipping containers for our raw materials, we leave almost nothing in the landfill.

Our supply chain offers even greater opportunity for managing environmental, social, and economic impacts. Whenever possible, we buy from local partners with a low carbon footprint and sustainability plans in place. As a member of PMMI Vision 2020, we are part of an alliance of top innovative manufacturers building a more sustainable future industry-wide.




EarthKind stands for 100% safe and effective products. We have the certifications to prove it.

USDA Bio-Preferred Certification measuring cradle-to-grave inputs and outputs, from farm to customer trash.

Independently reviewed and certified by Federal and State EPA to ensure we meet safety and efficacy standards.

We support organizations including NPMA, BPIA, PWIPM that promote public education about the safe use of pesticides.




Building a healthy economy starts with empowering our employees. We support them and their families in meaningful ways.

• Generous profit sharing when we meet our goals

• Individualized coaching plans to advance their knowledge and skills

• Work-from-home flexibility as needed

• Policies that allow infants in the workplace

• Generous vacation and holiday benefits

• 100% paid health insurance, and personal health care choices

• Life insurance, retirement accounts, annual education stipend

EarthKind employs handicapped individuals to give them fulfilling, long-term jobs that suit their abilities and needs. We strive to maintain a 20% handicapped workforce within our company. For these efforts, EarthKind was recognized as a Minnesota Community Member of the Year.

To improve economic opportunity outside our company, we source all our ingredients from American family farmers. For example, our Stay Away® Pouch Pod™ is a 100% bio-based product made from flax, beets and sunflower hulls grown in North Dakota. Our pest control products are made with plant fiber and oils grown in Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa. We continually seek new uses for ag products that currently go to waste. As of 2016, Earth-Kind, Inc. has purchased a total of $3.8 million in value-added by-products from U.S. farmers.









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