Stories from Happy All Natural Air Freshener Customers

earthkind® air fresheners have helped eliminate everything from cigarette smoke, to rain damage, to  musky locker room odors. Take a look at these testimonials from satisfied customers and learn how earthkind® has helped eliminate THEIR troublesome odor.


"My three brothers' and my father's homes were severely affected by the flood and I took them the air freshener and it has really helped. The smell before was so bad it really didn't give you hope that their homes would ever smell good again. These really helped the smell and their emotions..

Thank you"

Penny, Minot ND

"The leather seats in my Cadillac smelled like cigarette smoke after my daughter had used the Protect Your Family With Natural Air Fresheners - Chemical Freecar for a couple of days. I put one earthkind® Air Freshener pouch on the seat and the smell was reduced by 75 percent by the end of the day."

Pat Havnvik, Belfield ND

"I play hockey with a women's league and we had to use the men's locker room at a tournament. The locker room smelled horrible, so I hung an earthkind® Air Freshener pouch in it and the smell was completely gone. The other players couldn't believe that it worked so well."

Elizabeth Murphy, ExTracts show manager


"I can't tell you how wonderful these pouches are! I have one in my van because after my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are in the lake, they always smell like "swamp snot" and so does my van. Not anymore! I hung the other three in different places in my house and I can tell you, you have an instant fan in me of your products."

Lisa Allmendinger, editor, "I Love Cats"

"I had a rain-damaged office with a horrible smell. I tried one pouch of Earth-Kind's Air Freshener and by the end of the week, it was totally gone...It hasn't come back, and it has been almost three weeks. This is fantastic. I am very impressed with the product!"

Richard Stewart

"You have to know this; Sweet Clover is the absolute best! Thanks! Thanks!"


"I got the air freshener today. It's the best I've ever tried. You'll be hearing from me when this wears out."