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Stories from Happy Fresh Cab® Customers:

I am really amazed at how well your product works. I had a mouse infestation that was driving us up a wall. We tried everything including a reputable exterminating company. After a day or two, the mice would return. When I found your product on the internet, I thought to myself. "JUST ANOTHER SCAM” However, after reading your guarantee, I decided to risk it. After receiving the packets, and placing them as you recommended, I have not seen any evidence of mice. No droppings and no sightings. What a "great" product. I cannot thank you enough.

- Ben 

Just wanted to say thank you so much. I battled mice in our home for years with no real victories until last summer. I discovered your product in my favorite hardware store and was so pleased with how it smelled that I purchased it thinking if anything it would be aroma therapeutic. Well it is therapeutic but it also did what it claimed it would do and did so well beyond my expectations. We have not seen any sign from our fuzzy little neighbors for over a year now.

This is a big deal to us, let me explain. Four years ago one of our local police officers died from hantavirus after being exposed at a local firing range. Not only was the loss great but the fear of finding out that the mice in our area could infect us with this deadly virus was overwhelming. So again thank you for your amazing product and keeping our home safe.

- B.T


Once you try the FRESH CAB scent pouches - you're hooked. I liked them so well I went to the company headquarters with the idea of selling them. They really smell great-and the pine and cedar smells have worked for people in the past to protect combines & stored trucks etc. Kari combined the best of everything in an easy to use pouch that's environmentally safe. It's great!

- Rick W.

Several weeks ago, we discovered our bird seed bags had been chewed into in the garage, and realized we had a mouse. We wanted to get rid of it, but didn't want to harm it in any way. After reading the reviews of this product we decided to give it a try. In combination with putting the birdseed in plastic containers, this seems to have done the trick as there is no more evidence of Mickey in the garage. I was concerned that the scent might be unpleasant, but it's actually a rather nice piney scent that keeps our garage smelling fresh. Good price, good scent and best of all, it's humane and non-toxic to people and animals.

Fresh cab is AMAZING !!!!! Our camper was clear of any mice activity. Thank you

- Lori B. 

I have tried so many things for the mice this season. There have been an over abundance of them here (east coast) for some reason this year. We tried poison pellets, traps and peppermint oil. The traps if you think about it are only attracting them with the cheese or peanut butter you add to them to catch the mouse. The peppermint oil was really just a great air freshener for my house and the pellets did nothing. I found Fresh Cab doing a search, it is a bit expensive but worth the try. I was afraid that the smell would be strong and make my house smell like a Christmas tree (I have NEVER liked that smell). It did not have too strong of a smell and it really was not that bad. You have to put it in the area where you have seen them the most which for me was under the kitchen sink. I used one box of four pouches. One under the kitchen sink, behind the dryer where the hose is, in the pantry cabinet and beside the refrigerator. I have had them there for over a month and they are still working, though it may be time to change them since I think I heard something the other night and the smell of the pouch is mild now. These are a miracle because they really work and are safe around pets and children. IT REALLY IS WORTH THE MONEY!!

We use this product in our office and in our rental houses. We had a severe problem with mice bringing sunflower seeds into the copier. With Fresh Cab, there has been no sign of mice, in the copier or in the papers stored in drawers. It does not harm pets, and it smells wonderful. I never need to worry about clients wondering about the weird odor in a law office. We nearly lost a cat a few years ago because he had eaten a mouse who had been poisoned so I have been adamantly opposed to toxins.
- Marsha

Can't say it enough. We have tried traps, poison, 2 different types of electronic devices, moth balls, Bounce sheets, nothing keeps the little critters out!
Within 24 hours of placing these in our trailer (30ft), there were NO NO NO NO signs of mice. And after a month, still none. We are in the Austin, Texas area, and our Texas mice are tenatious to say the least! Could not be more pleased with this products results.

- Kay M.

This saved my sanity. We moved into a house where the previous owner evidently didn't care if mice ran around. just saying that because she didnt seem to alarmed when I told her our issue. We also had quite a few moths flying around after she moved out. I'm thinking wheat moths. I know they weren't mine because they disappeared after a while that we were there. anyway, I was desperate for a way to make the mice go away. I researched the internet for solutions and came across this and decided to try it. omg it saved me. Each time i bought a box, I bought a back up box in case they ran out at my local hardware store. I never wanted to be without these pouches. I used all 4 pouches at once throughout the house but mostly the kitchen and the rooms surrounding the kitchen. For the two years were lived there, I had no more mice issues. Love this stuff and recommend it to anyone that mentions a mouse issue to me.

Fresh Cab kept mice out of my house for much longer than the three months it said it would. That is why I ordered replacements immediately when I saw a mouse this summer. We live in an old farmhouse and it is impossible to plugg up all the places they can get in. Freaks Cab packets work wonderfully. I love them.

- LaRue H., Iowa

I have used the fresh cab pouches for several years. we have a vacation property that is an old farm house that has had severe mouse issues. the fresh cab pouches in the rooms and in the heat vents KICK THEM OUT!!! great product, it is my secret weapon.
- Rick S.

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