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Help Your Customers Prevent Pests with Natural Solutions


At EarthKind, we promise that we will always provide you with the most effective natural alternatives and friendly advice to help you to help your customers to preserve the good, and prevent the rest.

  • All our ingredients are grown on family farms
  • We care like family and provide expert information and eco-logical insights to help your customers prevent and even permanently eliminate pest problems.
  • Our products are collectively designed by artists, scientists and our CEO Kari, for ease of use, effectiveness and biodegradability


Our Stay Away® natural pest prevention line is the first natural pest prevention line made solely of essential oils and plant fiber.  It is a radically different EarthKind approach that puts your customer’s health and happiness at the forefront with safe and effective natural formulas and practical knowledge, guaranteed to eliminate pest infestations in the spaces where we all live, work and play – without toxic chemicals or killing.


Fresh Cab® is the natural, preventative rodent repellent that enables your customers to protect their property from damage caused by rats and mice in a safe and environmentally friendly way—all while leaving their spaces smelling fresh. And, most importantly, that helps earn you loyal, repeat customers that will drive profits!

Our Retail Beginning


Fresh Cab® pioneered a preventative approach to rodent control, helping your customers not only drive rodents from their property but keep them from coming back…or appearing in the first place. And, as customers become increasingly conscious about how the products they use affect the environment and their own community, offering an effective, green solution made (and sourced) in the USA helps your business and customers support "a more EarthKind world." It was this foundation and commitment to natural products and preserving the good that gave us the desire to bring other natural pest prevention products to market.


With Stay Away® and Fresh Cab®, you can offer your customers an effective, safe, and natural alternative to rat poisons, glue traps, pesticides and electronic devices. You can help them understand how to include these natural products in an integrated approach to managing pest problems. And you can show them how to use them to prevent pest problems from returning once rodents, moths, ants, or spiders are gone.


You can feel especially confident suggesting our rodent repellents to customers because they are the only plant-based rodent repellents that are Federal EPA registered and approved for indoor use. In fact, Stay Away® and Fresh Cab® botanical rodent repellent do not require precautionary language on their labels and are not affected by the EPA's Rodenticide Regulations—making them a particularly important product to have on your shelves as less safe alternatives face increased regulatory scrutiny.


The rodent product has been proven effective as a natural, preventative solution to your customers' rodent problems by several independent studies. And it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Fresh Cab® has been a trusted product for over a decade and is currently found in hardware stores, implement dealerships, farm stores, farm elevators, outdoor recreation stores, and other retailers across North America. The product is available for sale in single pouches, a 4-pouch box, or larger quantities.


With EarthKind products, you will have preventative, safe, green solutions for your customers that deliver results, value, and loyal repeat customers to you.


Single Packs Provide Perfect Introduction to Fresh Cab®


Boost Crossover Sales! Fresh Cab Single Pouch Clip Strip

With our convenient single-pack displays, help introduce new customers to Fresh Cab. These pouches are ideal to encourage customers new to the idea of prevention or to the Fresh Cab brand to try out the product before buying larger quantities. These packs are ideal for impulse sales and versatile shelf or endcap placement throughout your store, outside the traditional pest management sections, including:

  • pet supplies
  • marine
  • automotive
  • seasonal
  • storage products
  • green household products
  • checkout

You can choose between the 8-package display tray or two 6-package clip strips, depending on what works best for your display arrangements.


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