Single Packs Provide Perfect Introduction to Fresh Cab®

Encourage Customers to See How Effective Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent Is

Boost Crossover Sales! Fresh Cab Single Pouch Clip Strip

With our convenient single-pack displays, help introduce new customers to Fresh Cab. These pouches are ideal to encourage customers new to the idea of prevention or to the Fresh Cab brand to try out the product before buying larger quantities. These packs are ideal for impulse sales and versatile shelf or endcap placement throughout your store, outside the traditional pest management sections, including:

  • pet supplies
  • marine
  • automotive
  • seasonal
  • storage products
  • green household products
  • checkout

You can choose between the 8-package display tray or two 6-package clip strips, depending on what works best for your display arrangements.


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