The Top 5 Reasons Mice Move into RV's, and How to Prevent it from Happening to You!

Posted by Rita Stadler

Sep 2, 2016 2:53:49 PM

Find out how to stop pest infestations before they start, naturally.

Camping is a great family activity, but there are many of us who’d rather enjoy nature from the comfort of an RV. Unfortunately, mice find campers just as comfortable as you and I do, especially when the temperatures start to drop. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you’re saying something like, “I’m not a messy person so I’d never have a pest infestation!” or “I smeared some peanut butter on a mouse trap so I don’t have to worry.” Don’t worry though, check out why campers and RV’s are prone to pest problems, and how to prevent them, naturally.

  1. Household pests are always looking for a nice vacation home.

    Rodents and insects want a place that is quiet and undisturbed, where they can feed and breed in peace. A cozy place that offers shelter from the elements is just the ticket!
  2. Dry goods are like an ‘All You Can Eat Buffet’ for rodents.

    You made sure not to leave any perishables before storing your camping gear for the season, but you might have thought things like granola, crackers, and trail mix were fine to leave behind.
  3. Pests love pets just as much as you do.

    If you’re an animal lover or pet owner, poisonous pesticides are not an option. That’s a good thing, because the risks are high (think about non-target animals ingesting pesticides) and the benefits are questionable – have you ever smelled a decomposing mouse that’s been waiting inside a closed camper for a few months?
  4. Some home remedies and DIY tricks just don’t work.

    There are people who swear by mothballs, dryer sheets, or peppermint oil on cotton balls to get rid of mice and other pests. When these methods were tested in a lab though, the results are inconsistent. What’s worse, mothballs contain harmful chemicals and when the scent wears off from dryer sheets or peppermint soaked cotton balls, rodents will use the material left behind to make a nice comfy nest.
  5. Baits and traps actually attract the pests they are meant to get rid of!

    You might feel like you got the darn vermin when you see it caught on a trap, but the reason it was there was because you put out something it wanted to eat. Instead of inviting pests in with baits, wouldn’t it be better to just repel them in the first place?

For stress free camping, protect your RV with Stay Away® pest repellents. Stay Away is made with essential oils and plant fibers, so there is no risk to people, pets, or the planet -- it works by using natural scents that overwhelm common pests. While ants won’t be able to find the scent trails they follow to food sources, you’ll enjoy the minty fresh fragrance of Stay Away Ants. Rodents, spiders, moths, beetles and other bugs are all vulnerable to overpowering smells, and earthkind’s Stay Away line makes pest prevention safe and easy.


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Rita Stadler
Rita lives in Central Florida and has been a member of Team EarthKind since 2010. When not writing about ways to preserve the good and prevent the rest, her 4 children keep her busy. She can be found sharing mouse jokes on Twitter @EartKkind and answering to calls of "MOM!" from any kid within a 25 foot radius.

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