A Mouse in my Dryer Vent!

Posted by Martha the Mouse Detective

Jan 16, 2012 8:32:00 AM


If I were a mouse, I would love the idea of living in a warm dryer vent during the cold winter months--Wouldn't you?!?  
Last winter, I found a couple of mice roaming around in my house.  Although I think mice can be little and cute, they scare me with their quick movements.  And cute or not, I don't like finding them in my house! 
So naturally I started investigating the various ways they could have entered my home.  I thought maybe they had found a free ride in through an open door or, as they are often known to do, or through cracks in my home's foundation.  To my surprise, I learned that even if you have a new home, mice can find a way in through the foundation...hmm.  I assumed that was how the little rodents got into my house and turned my focus to getting them out.  I also remembered that if you catch them live, you need to relocate them miles away from your house or they will find their way back. 
Earlier, I had noticed that my dryer wasn't working as well as it should have been and thought maybe the vent needed to be cleaned.  This had happened before so I figured it was time for an annual cleaning.  When the repairman came to look at my dryer, I watched him clean out the vent. There was extra lint, dirt, and other sorts of debris in there.  Then I noticed it! A mouse nest in the mix of junk he was cleaning out.  No wonder my dryer wasn't working well.  Dryer vents are a very warm and cozy oasis for a cold, little rodent, who can blame them? 
I was not about to have another mouse in my house.  Since I had seen several mice already, it was time to de-mouse my house and quick!  I still didn't know exactly how they'd gotten in:  foundation, open door, dryer vent, or some other way.  So, I planned my attack on several fronts. 
First I put a screen on the dryer vent to prevent rodents from having an easy entrance to a warm, cozy home.  Then I placed a Fresh Cab pouch near the vent opening.  Next, I placed several Fresh Cab rodent repellent pouches around my house.  I put them near places I thought the mice might try to sneak in.  I put Fresh Cab in storage areas, too, in case those little rodents had any ideas about building nests there. 
After a few short weeks I noticed I had not seen a single mouse (or any new droppings) in my house!  This mouse caper was closed! 

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Martha the Mouse Detective
Martha has been with Earth-Kind, Inc. throughout the past 10 years. Martha has become so familiar with "rodent run-ins" that she has been coined "Martha the Mouse Detective". Most of her free time is spent with her children and pets, enjoying the outdoors and recalling funny stories of our sneaky counterpart, the mouse.

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