Does earthkind's Fresh Cab Prevent Canadian Mice?

Posted by Martha the Mouse Detective

Feb 21, 2012 10:26:00 AM

If you don’t already know, Fresh Cab was invented in North Dakota, just a hop and a skip away from Canada.  Also, Fresh Cab is the only EPA registered product for indoor/enclosed area rodent control.  Now that you know it’s a product that has been proven to work, and where it comes from, you may find yourself wondering, where can you use it?  Does it work on Canadian mice?  Are Canadian mice different from their U.S. neighbors to the South?  We have answers for you!
Canadian mice are no different than American mice, except perhaps for the way it sounds when they say “about”.  Rest assured there are no physiological differences between the two.  No matter the region, all mice are our competitors for food and other resources.  They invade our property, contaminate our food, nest in our belongings, and threaten our health.  According to the Government of Alberta in, “Mice and Their Control’, in 6 months’ time, one pair of mice can eat more than 4 pounds of food and contaminate 10 times that amount!  More than 50% of all households experience mice invasion sometime during a year.  Additionally, mice can trigger asthma and allergies caused by the mites, fleas, and lice they harbor.
Prevention is key to reducing these risks.  The best advice is to clean up, seal up, and pouch up.  Clean up anything that may be attractive to rodents, such as food and debris (don’t forget about pet food), making sure everything is covered and sealed.  Seal any openings that go through from the outside in, and place Fresh Cab pouches near any potential entry points. 
We hear from our Canadian friends quite often wondering if Fresh Cab is available in Canada.  The answer is, “Yes!”   If you are a resident of Canada, check with your local implement dealer, farm and home retailer, or building center to see if they carry Fresh Cab.  If they don't, please tell them about our product and send them to our website, or our Canadian dealer, Westward Parts’ website,  to find out more.   


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Martha the Mouse Detective
Martha has been with Earth-Kind, Inc. throughout the past 10 years. Martha has become so familiar with "rodent run-ins" that she has been coined "Martha the Mouse Detective". Most of her free time is spent with her children and pets, enjoying the outdoors and recalling funny stories of our sneaky counterpart, the mouse.

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