How to Get Rid Of Mice in Dryer Vents

Posted by Rita Stadler

Jan 23, 2013 2:38:00 PM

The high temperature for today starts with a minus sign.  Winter months are an important part of the natural cycle, but I prefer to stay indoors as much as possible this time of year!  Mice feel the same way.  Mice are looking for a warm place to wait out the cold, and a dryer vent may seem like the perfect place to call home. 

Having mice or a mouse nest in your dryer vent is bad for a number of reasons.  Mice are prone to making quite a ruckus, which can be amplified by the thin metal and hollow sound effects of a dryer vent.   The dryer's effectiveness will suffer if the vent is obstructed by a mouse nest or any rodent related debris.  The risk of fire is increased due to blockages as well.  Not to mention the diseases rodents can transmit, the terrible odor that will result if a rodent dies in a hard to reach area, and the overall "ick" factor.

How can you tell if there is a mouse in your dryer vent?  Signs of an uninvited guest include but are not limited to:

- Strange noises such as squeaking, scratching, and scurrying sounds.
- Decreased drying efficiency.
- Unpleasant odors.
- Finding small black pellets, similar to rice in size and shape - these are rodent droppings.
- Broken or damaged vent covers on the exterior of your home or building.
For your own health and safety, and to protect the longevity of your appliances, you need to not only get rid of the mice, but prevent them from coming back.  The easiest way to get rid of mice is to use a natural rodent repellent like Fresh Cab.  Unlike lethal traps or poisons, Fresh Cab is a pet friendly mouse control method, and also poses no risks to children.  While traps and poisons are designed to attract mice before killing them, Fresh Cab repels rodents  from the moment you unwrap the pouch.  Placing the pouches where you are seeing signs of rodent activity will send  mice running.  After the pouches have been in place for a few days to one week, you will want to make sure the dryer vent is in good repair with working flaps.  Covering the opening with a wire mesh will prevent pests from coming in again.  Caulking around the vent is a good idea too, as mice can squeeze through very tiny openings.

Taking preventative steps such as these are the best way to make sure that your warm, cozy home is yours and yours alone.  Stay warm folks!

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Rita Stadler
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