Podcast With Fresh Cab® Inventor Kari Block, Tips to Keep Rodents out of Your Home

Posted by Kari Warberg Block

Apr 26, 2013 9:19:00 AM

People buy smoke detectors but don't think about the cause of house fires - rodents cause at least 8% of home fires annually.   "Mice are masterful, they're cunning," says Block and will sneak into your home.  Chewing on wires is pleasurable for mice because their teeth are constantly growing, but creates a fire hazard in your home. 

Additionally, rodents cause injury and illness, through bites (most often to small children) or any of the over 35 known diseases they may carry.  Keeping rodents out before they come in is key to preventing rodent-related risks.  Fresh Cab® is created to do just that!

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Kari Warberg Block
Kari Block, founder and CEO of Earth-Kind, Inc. is an inventor, serial entrepreneur and small business champion with a passion for growing people, products, ideas, and business through a sustainable approach. Kari is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Blog and Entrepreneur.

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