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Stop Scratching Itchy Bug Bites! Home Remedies That Offer Relief, Naturally

Posted by Rita Stadler

Aug 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

What You Need to Know about Mosquito Bites, Plus Tips & Tricks to Soothe Irritation

Counting the itchy red bumps that dotted our arms and legs was something of a summer ritual when I was a child. Even though there was no reward or relief in having the most mosquito bites, everyone always wanted to be the winner. At the time, things like West Nile virus and Zika weren’t even on my radar. Now that I’m a parent, the sound of mosquitoes buzzing in our ears and the sight of my kids scratching a bug bite sends my worrying tendencies into overdrive.

How big is the risk of a little bug bite?

Honestly, we’re lucky. In many places, like most of North America, mosquitoes are only a seasonal problem. Public health programs and regional climates are pretty effective for mosquito control. You can go the extra mile and arm yourself with more detailed information about diseases spread by mosquitoes and their symptoms.

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Made by Nature, Proven by Science: DIY Tips to Stop Zika Spreading Mosquitoes

Posted by Rita Stadler

Aug 19, 2016 12:42:57 PM

With the local transmission of Zika in the United States, mosquito control and prevention is more important than ever. Protecting your family from pests doesn’t mean you have to bring harmful chemicals into your home. We’ve sorted out the DIY tactics and natural remedies to better inform you with what works, what doesn’t, and how you can get rid of mosquitoes naturally.

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