Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent Success Stories

Case Study #1 - Electric Company Saves Tens of Thousands of $$ Annually!


An electrical company in Illinois was responsible for maintaining 64 high-end air conditioning units, used to cool 32 cell towers, keeping them operating efficiently year round.

The challenge was that the cell towers were in rural farm communities and mice found these locations attractive shelters. Mice would wreak havoc by nesting inside the air conditioning panels and chewing through the electrical wiring causing significant damage which resulted in failed compressors.

Of the towers, 98% required service to repair mice damage at a cost of $100- $3000 per tower. Enter Fresh Cab®, when the service rep does a tune-up, they simply place a Fresh Cab® rodent repellent pouch from earthkind® in each unit, repelling the mice.

Damage reports have dropped nearly 90%, saving the cell company tens of thousands of dollars annually and providing significantly improved customer service by reducing service interruptions.


Case Study #2 - Rodents Cost National Electric Company $500,000!


Rodents caused explosions in three separate electric boxes in this company's Midwest Region. The damage was significant, causing $170,000 in repairs for each station! The electric company now uses Fresh Cab® in all their stations. Their protocol is to replace it bi-monthly. To date, their electric boxes have been rodent-free!