Learn How to Get Rid of Rodents, Spiders, Moths and Ants


Learn how to get rid of common household pests safely, effectively and permanently. Many pests, are unhealthy, dangerous and destructive creatures, but the traditional methods you use to get rid of them can be even worse!

The damage these pests can cause in a short period of time can result in hundreds of dollars in repairs and countless hours of clean-up. They disrupt our lives and spread filth into our homes, vehicles, and businesses.

Over 90% of the products available to get rid of mice and rats, in particular, are dangerous poisons or inhumane traps that may pose serious health risks to you, your family, your pets, wildlife and even the environment. Researching and experimenting with alternatives to poisons and baits takes time and is frustrating when the alternative product doesn't work.

In our Learning Center, you will find information on the effectiveness of various alternatives to poisons and baits; plus solutions to everyday problems with mice, rats, spiders, moths and ants.  Don't be a victim of these household pests.  Check back often for new information on living a pest-free life.