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Do you want to know more about how to control the moths in your life? EarthKind's Learning Center is here to answer the most common questions on how best to get rid of moths safely and effectively from your home so they don't come back.

Get Rid of Moths in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Moths from Your Home Safely and Permanently

Furs and silks can be signs of a lovely and luxurious wardrobe - but they can also be an invitation for moth infestations.  Clothes moths are attracted to natural fibers, and will lay in wait, damaging or destroying precious items that are stored away.

Preventing moth damage is essential because if you wait until you know you have a problem, it is already too late and the damage has been done. 

Thankfully there is a way to get rid of moths naturally that is safe, effective, and long lasting!

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Get Rid of Moths

How to Get Rid of Moths

Many people have a problem with moths in their home, particularly in closets, storage, basements and attics.  Webbing Clothes Moths can cause costly damage to clothing, fabrics and furnishings.

The good news is, there is a natural, environmentally sound way to get rid of moths and prevent property damage and pest problems.

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Moth Larvae Chew Clothing

Pest Control for Moths

Moths seem to appear out of nowhere.  They are seldom discovered until their damage has already been done.  It is hard to implement pest control for moths because they are so difficult to detect.

Traps as Pest Control for Moths

Traps are commonly used for pest control.  Sticky traps leave you with the problem of having to dispose of dead moths.  This can be disgusting and frustrating since it does not address the real problem.  Although you may catch adult moths in these traps, it is their larvae that do the damage.

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