Get Rid of Rats Safely and Effectively

Rodents can be a huge problem.  They carry diseases and parasites, and they can damage and contaminate your surroundings.  To get rid of rats quickly, most people use traps or rat poison.

Get Rid of Rats with Traps

The idea of using traps to get rid of rats seems simple enough, but there are a few points to consider before using this method.  Rats avoid unfamiliar objects, so a new trap will not interest them.

In order to increase the chances that rats will actually go near a trap, you will need to place un-baited and unset traps in their entrances and living spaces for up to two weeks.

This gives them a chance to feel safe around the traps, and they will be more likely to approach a baited trap.  When you decide to bait the traps, make sure you use enough traps.  You will need to kill all or nearly all the rats at one time.  Otherwise, the rats will become wary of the traps and not go near them.

Rat traps are very strong and can break a human’s finger.  If you have children or pets, carefully monitor any areas with rat traps to prevent any injuries.  Before handling the traps, do not touch any household pets.  Rats will not approach a trap that has the scent of one of its predators.

Get Rid of Rats with Poison

Rodenticides and bait stations are another common way to get rid of rats.  Some rat poisons kill rats within hours.  Other rat poisons cause internal bleeding and kill rats in two to six days.  Use extreme caution when using rat poison, especially if you have children or pets. 

Ingesting the poison can be fatal, and small children and pets are prone to tasting things that are new to them.  After the poison kills the rats, you will be left with the job of disposing of the rats.  These can be a dangerous task in itself because it exposes you to the diseases and parasites that rats are known to carry.

A Better Way to Get Rid of Rats

Fresh Cab® is a simple and healthy way to get rid of rats.  Made with balsam fir needle essential oil, plant cellulose fiber from corn cob chips, and a combination of additional essential oils, including eucalyptus, Spanish rosemary, grapefruit, and lemon, Fresh Cab® repels rats without exposing you and your family to harmful chemicals or other health risks.


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