Top Rat Control Tricks

Rat problems call for immediate and effective action. They carry numerous types of germs, bacteria and parasites that can be harmful to humans and animals. You will want to get rid of these rats before they cause damage to your home and property.

Rodent traps are a commonly used method of rat control. You set the traps near areas the rats enter and exit.  Rat traps typically kill rodents,  which means that there are fewer rats to worry about.

Glue boards are also placed in the pathways of the rats. The rats walk across the glue boards and remain stuck to the boards. They aren’t able to escape, and you are able to dispose of the rats. Many people use poison to get rid of rats. This method is usually quite effective and can kill many rats in a short amount of time.

Problems with Rat Control Methods

Although the rat control methods mentioned above will help you get rid of rats, they can be dangerous. Rat traps are strong enough to break fingers of small children and can also injure house pets.

Glue boards prevent rats from leaving the area. Your children and pets may find one of these rodents stuck to a glue board and come close enough to the rodent to be exposed to the germs and parasites the rat carries.

Is There a Better Way to Control Rats?

You want to gain control over your rat problem, but you want a safe method that doesn’t endanger humans, animals or the environment. Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent is an excellent alternative to the traditional methods of rat control. It is a “green technology” product made from botanical ingredients.

Fresh Cab works by keeping rats out of an area and causing rats already in the area to leave. Fresh Cab actually gets rid of the rats instead of killing them. The botanical ingredients in Fresh Cab are corn cob chips, herbal extracts and plants.

Nothing in Fresh Cab will harm a human or animal, so it can be used anywhere.  Humans find Fresh Cab’s scent to be very pleasant. Rodents are repelled by the smell and leave the area.

Fresh Cab is Effective

earthkind™ contracted third party testing facilities to assess how well Fresh Cab works. The results were positive and proved that Fresh Cab is effective in ridding outdoor and indoor areas of rodents. Fresh Cab is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is endorsed by the National Home and Garden Club. Fresh Cab has been awarded the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Green Seal of Approval.

The most important endorsements are from our customers. Ninety percent of our customers will return for more Fresh Cab because they have had such good results.