One Simple Rule to Get Rid of Rats

You can find advice for getting rid of rats almost anywhere.  Everyone that has ever had a rat issue has a favorite method for making sure these furry creatures take up residence somewhere else.  With all the different ways of eliminating rats, there is just one rule that you need to keep in mind when you decide how you are going to attack your rat problem.

Poisons and Rat Traps

Poisons and traps are two of the most commonly used methods for etting rid of rats.  These methods can be dangerous to humans, animals and the environment.  It is easy for a child or house pet to be exposed to rat poison, whether it’s stored in a shed or placed in a rat-infested area.  Any type of poison is a detriment to the environment.

Rat traps present another set of problems.  If the trap kills the rat, you still need to dispose of the dead rat.  If the trap doesn’t kill the rat, you need to figure out a way to kill the rat and dispose of it.  When traps are used, any human or animal can be exposed to the numerous germs, parasites, and bacteria that rats carry around.

Other Problems with Poisons and Traps

Sometimes rats will ingest poison and wander away.  They can end up inside walls or other out of the way places and then die.  You won’t know there is a dead rat inside your home or barn until the horrible smell fills the area.

Besides having to remove the dead rat, you will have to deal with the terrible smell of a dead rodent, usually long after the rodent’s body is removed.  It is possible that you will need to tear apart walls to reach the rat’s carcass.

Rodent odor problems can result from using traps if the traps aren’t located in heavily traveled areas.  Activated traps can break bones of small children and house pets.

The best way to avoid these problems is to use a product that is safe and natural.  You won’t be endangering humans or animals, and you will be protecting the environment at the same time.  There won’t be a reason to worry about dead rodent odors, exposing yourself to unhealthy parasites and germs, or keeping children and animals away from the product.

A Better Choice

Fresh Cab is a better choice for your rat control needs.  It is made of botanical ingredients:  plants, herbal extracts and corn cob chips.  Our customers love the smell, but rats find it so repulsive that it repels them from the invested area.

Deadly Dangers of Rodents