Various Tales Featuring Surprising Rodent Run-Ins

Real Life Stories of Rodent Encounters

At EarthKind, our mission is to preserve the good and prevent the rest. But when Fresh Cab® isn't handy, there are likely to be Rodent Run-Ins. We like to collect those stories and provide you a way to share funny, helpful, or skin-crawling anecdotes with your fellow rodent sufferers (and to read what others have been through).

These stories will make you laugh, cry, cringe and perhaps even scream!

Short Tales of Rodent Run Ins

Short Tails

Enjoy this collection of short Rodent Run-In stories.

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Ann Barlow

Taking on a Tenant

Ann Barlow

I started to move one of the cans, and then I saw it. A hole had been gnawed into the garbage can I was reaching for. That was when the garbage can started to move by itself.

I screamed and let go of the can, which promptly fell over. Out ran four fat gray rats.

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Alex Shippee

Terrors of the City

Alex Shippee

In New York City, I was walking to a friend’s apartment about 10 or 15 blocks away and had a buddy’s girlfriend with me. It was late at night and in an intimidating neighborhood, so we were walking pretty quickly to meet up with everyone. Suddenly, there was a rustle from behind a few garbage cans, and we both jumped, not sure what caused the noise.

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Matt Purdue

Purdue. Ratt Purdue

Matt Purdue

Lee peered under the steaming radiator at the spaghetti bowl of cables. He recoiled. "Call the meat wagon," he spat. "We got us a stiff."

My blood ran cold. Not another one. I squatted Yogi Berra style and looked under the radiator. A mouse...or what was left of one. Fur and a limp tail.

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Jackie Kolek

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Jackie Kolek

To my shock and horror, the culprit had returned to the scene of the crime. The furry fiend sat in my drawer, and I'm pretty sure he waved to me.

It was at that point that I pulled a legendary "George Costanza." I leapt from my chair, knocked Tricia over, and ran screaming from my office. I screamed so loudly that our co-founders came out of their offices from across the other side of the floor to see what had happened.

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Sam Ford

From Beaver Dam to Boston, Part 3 of 3: Boston Has Its Own Share of Wildlife

Sam Ford

When I extended my leg for that final kick, though, I got quite a surprise. I guess the lid on that trash can had not been fastened properly because, just as my foot connected with that trash can, the biggest rat I'd ever seen came flying out of the top of the can.

In that moment, Brando and I leapt back, and I think I let out quite a holler. The rat quickly scurried off, and the three of us quickly retreated back inside.

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Sam Ford

From Beaver Dam to Boston, Part 2 of 3: Who Knew a Mouse Could Stir So Many Emotions?

Sam Ford

Our mouse showed up a few weeks ago. We had seen the signs for a while—a few droppings behind the couch and the like, but we didn't know for sure until I was out walking the dogs and it ran across Amanda's foot. She called me shrieking, and I came running back.

We talked to our landlord, who said there had been a small mouse problem earlier this summer but that they had called in an exterminator. Since they didn't want a problem started, though they passed D-CON out to everyone.

I kept my eye on the mouse for a while and tried to alert my dogs to its existence, but it seems as if they were pretty worthless in the hunting mice category. Brando once ate a bird, but it's only because it landed right in front of him. The dogs weren't interested in treeing a mouse for us...or, well, "countering" a mouse in this case, I guess.

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Sam Ford

From Beaver Dam to Boston, Part 1 of 3: A New Addition to the Ford Family

Sam Ford

We had suspected that a new family member was on the way for some time but didn't want to say anything until we were sure. You know, there are always little things that you notice—that foreshadow it—but Amanda didn't really believe it until she saw it with her own eyes.

It's one of those moments in your life you can't forget. I was out walking Brando and Sissy, our two Pekingese, and talking to my friend John Morris when she beeped in to give me the news. She was shrieking, almost hysterical even, when she first saw.

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Mouse in the House

Kitties Little Treat

Deborah Dennert

Writer of Mom, are we there?

It was about midnight and my cats were spazzing (I have three). They do that once in a while .... But this time I was hearing squeaking.

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Mouse in Bread

The Only Rodent Allowed in This House is a Guinea Pig

Margaret M.

Monkton, Maryland

We live in a duplex and, for a while, had neighbors that were dirty and left food and pet food out. When they moved out and before cleaning, we started to see a mouse or two.

Now, we like rodents, we keep a guinea pig as a pet, so we did not want to kill the mice or use poison. We had one mouse that really liked to lick out the empty hummus containers left on the kitchen counter! I always joked that his buddies gave him a hard time for his garlic breath!

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National Geographic Groundhog

The Oddest Place You Will Find a Groundhog

Teresa Krivacsy

Slickville, PA

Wasn't a mouse or a rat, rather was a groundhog that got into my house. A rodent as far as I am concerned. He had been injured when hit by a passing motorist...head injury...he wandered into my garage while I had the garage door open. I closed garage door. That night & the next...I kept hearing noises...I would look around...figured I had a mouse...but I have an indoor cat that I figured would attend to the matter.

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Our Hitchhiker Turned Out To Be A Rodent


Texas to California

While in Texas to visit our grandson we picked up an unwanted rodent. He wound up in the overhead air-conditioning ducts where he prowled every night.

Numerous attempts to eliminate him were unsuccessful with humane traps spring loaded rat traps and any device we tried we could not win.

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Paul Merchan

How many single guys does it take to catch a rat?

Paul Merchán

NY and CA

As a New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, I'm no stranger to the occasional household pest. That'll happen to you in a city as old as Gotham—even when you implement the best cleaning methods. There's just so much underground infrastructure where a little critter can hide. That's why it was a welcome change when I spent two years doing volunteer work in the relatively pubescent city of Los Angeles.

Little did I know that, in addition to a few black widow spiders every now and then, L.A. also hosted its own formidable array of rodents, especially when you moved away from the coast and closer to the picturesque mountains and hills.

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Mouse in a Loaf of Bread

A Game of Cat and Mouse on My Kitchen Counter


Brooklyn, NY

One night, my husband and I were having dinner in our eat-in kitchen, in our usual places; while I sit closest to the work area, it's behind me, while my husband, across the table, faces the counter. Suddenly, in the middle of a conversation, he looked up and pointed. "Mouse!" was all he said, and it was about as close as he's ever come to sounding like a 12-year-old girl.

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I Wouldn't Recommend Mouse Flambé

Tara Ward

Harftord, KY

For Christmas one year, my mother's wish list consisted of a blue Kitchen Aid mixer and matching toaster. (Don't worry—she got plenty of other gifts, too.) The toaster wasn't like conventional toasters; instead of two bread slots, it had one long opening across the top and really was a pain to use. But it was blue and fancy, so she loved it.

One night, Mom made club sandwiches for dinner and had to toast the bread. The toaster was sitting on the counter, so she popped in three bread slices and dropped the lever. Seconds later, we heard squeaky shrieking, and then smoke started rising from the toaster.

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Catherine Cody

A Visitor in the Office

Catharine Cody

All interns working at Peppercomm sit together in a row of desks on the fifth floor, dubbed "Intern Row." As interns, it's your privilege and obligation to be out front and still maintain Peppercomm's class and dignity. All of our conversations could be overheard, and we didn't have the "privacy" one feels when working in an actual cubicle. As a result, we had to be mindful of our level of volume, especially when others were speaking to clients.

One fateful day, I was moderating one of my very first interviews with a client and a reporter from The International Business Times. Halfway through the call, another intern SCREAMED, jumped up on her desk, and shouted, "MOUSE MOUSE MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!"

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Laura Bedrossian

Life-like Cat Toys

Laura Bedrossian

When I was visiting my mom a few years ago, I was in the basement using the treadmill and doing my daily workout. I got on the floor and started to do pushups. Since I have the upper body strength of a 4-year-old, I stopped after three and then tried to pull myself together to make myself do more.

That's when I noticed how my mom's cats had taken over the joint.

There were toys everywhere. My favorite was the cute mouse. It was a little lighter in color than I would picture a real mouse to be, and it had a little pink nose. It looked so life-like, but a cute version of the real devils (which is my pet name for mice).

Then, the cute toy mouse moved.

I screamed and jumped up very quickly. The mouse froze.

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