The Oddest Place You Will Find a Groundhog

Teresa Krivacsy

Slickville, PA

Wasn't a mouse or a rat, rather was a groundhog that got into my house. A rodent as far as I am concerned. He had been injured when hit by a passing motorist...head injury...he wandered into my garage while I had the garage door open. I closed garage door. That night & the next...I kept hearing noises...I would look around...figured I had a mouse...but I have an indoor cat that I figured would attend to the matter.

Two days later I noticed an ‘odor’ & that was when I found the now dead groundhog in a spare bed room. Let me just say that when I saw him laying belly up on the floor that I came out of that room faster than I went in. My brother-in-law still laughs about the event as I called him frantic for help! He thought I was joking. I enjoyed your mouse story in Angels on Earth. I am a farmer...our chickens & outside cats tend to keep the rodent population in check.