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About EarthKind

We are a group of artists, scientists, and nature lovers. We develop naturally effective plant-based solutions to keep pests away from treated areas without killing or poisoning them; we use ingredients grown on USA regenerative farms and we manufacture our products in North Carolina providing jobs for handicapable individuals. Our top-rated botanical formulations and patented delivery systems work with nature, not against it.

EarthKind understands ecosystems, and recognizes every animal, plant and insect in nature has a specific role to play. We look to the outside to protect what’s inside, creating a balanced ecosystem in our homes and working harmoniously with the world around us. Over the past decade, our effective repellents have helped reduce the need for poison/kill pest control methods in the home from 98% to 90%! We’ve sold millions of pest prevention pouches, but we still have a long way to go. Join us on our journey to make every home a pest-free zone!

Our Story

The EarthKind® Way Our Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Our company is guided by a simple idea: “preserve the good, prevent the rest.” We believe business has a larger role to play than delivering products or profits. Companies should take the lead to protect the health of humans, animals and the environment to create opportunities where they don’t exist today.
That’s our vision for EarthKind. We were first to make effective botanical pest prevention products as an alternative to poisonous pest control. It’s part of our larger effort to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in the home and in the environment.
Our mission is to reduce people’s reliance on harmful pest control products from 90% today to 50% by 2025. Achieving this means empowering people with education. EarthKind is leading a movement of women and families who demand safe, sustainable alternatives. By providing naturally designed products that really work, consumers are prepared to make healthier choices. We’re changing people’s minds and behaviors as well as their options.

EarthKind® CEO

Kari Warberg Block 

Kari was the first to tell the secrets the pest control industry would prefer to keep under wraps — educating the public on how to keep their homes pest and poison free without paying a hefty price. She’s a mom on a mission and, as the CEO of EarthKind, LLC, the manufacturer of a line of pest prevention products and rodent repellents, is a leading expert on pest prevention.
EarthKind’s product, Fresh Cab®, started at Kari’s kitchen table and came to market in 2007. Today it is a major national brand. Stay Away®, our line of guaranteed botanical pest prevention products – won best new product of the year voted on by industry trendsetters and popular vote. Between the two brands, these products are sold into 35,000 stores across the US such as Lowe’s, John Deere, and ACE Hardware. Kari has gone from being a part of her local homemaker’s club to advising the SBA, Congress, and the White House on the policies that impacts women in business.
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We feel strongly about supporting initiatives especially within the arts, education, and those things closely connected to our local community. Over recent years we have chosen to make these a loose criteria for charities we support as they reflect who we are and the community we live in.

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