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Blogger Review: Mom Generations Tries Stay Away Ants

Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations and mother of five shares her experience using Stay Away Ants. As any mother can attest, summertime with kids is extra busy! Check out what she had to say about her family’s summer plans:

“With 5 kids, you can imagine how much outdoor fun we have with them – bike rides, swimming, morning walks, playground fun, lemonade stands, block parties, grilling and lots of picnics. Spending time together outdoors really does makes summer even sweeter for us, but not when ants come to crash the party. Oh, no… ants are not on our summer guest list, but they decide to show up anyway!”

Audrey shares her top 5 tips to keep ants away naturally. We were thrilled to see Stay Away Ants made the list. As a scent based repellent made with plant fiber and essential oils, Stay Away is safe to use around children and pets.

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