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Blogger Review: New Age Mama Makes Spiders Stay Away

Every year when the seasons change, household pests show up. Homeowners must make a decision about what kind of pest control is right for them. Calling an exterminator can be expensive. Using harmful chemicals and dangerous traps is worrisome. Considering the safety and well-being of children and pets often makes these choices more challenging.

New Age Mama is excited to share her experience with a kind pest control solution. See what she had to say here:

Stay Away Spiders from EarthKind is a high performance, plant-based product that will keep your home from being invaded.  These house-hold products contain no hazardous chemicals or toxic-baits, which is important to me. In a house with four kids, four cats, and a dog, I need to know the pest control products I use are safe, but they also need to work. My experience with EarthKind has been fantastic. All the dark corners where spiders used to lurk are now web-free. I haven’t seen any creepy crawlers since I opened the package.”

Read the full review here:  Keep Spooky Sightings Out of Your Home with Stay Away

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