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Blogger Review: POPSUGAR Features Stay Away® Spiders

POPSUGAR is a trusted resource for readers all over the world. With a focus on inspiring and informative content to help women look good, feel good and do good, you know you can get some good advice there.

For people looking for tips to get rid of spiders, POPSUGAR found an easy solution. Stay Away®Spiders from EarthKind is the easiest way to get rid of spiders. Stay Away Spiders is a scent based spider repellent made with essential oils, so it is free from harmful chemicals and repels spiders so you don’t have to kill them.

Check out what Angela Elias had to say for POPSUGAR:

“These nontoxic pouches are filled with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils and can be placed throughout your home in spots where spiders love to hide and build webs. The pouches interfere with a spider’s ability to smell their prey, but they also repel the bugs they would be eating.”

Read the full story here:  This Brilliant Hack Keeps Spiders Out of Your Home

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