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Blogger Review:  Stacy Tilton Reviews Stay Away®

Stacy Tilton is a wife, mother and pet-owner who reviews new products. This way, you can try before you buy through her first hand experience. Check out what she had to say about EarthKind’s line of natural pest repellents:

EarthKind Stay Away Pest Repellent

“As an already firm believer of using essential oils I was totally on-board in trying out this line of pest repellents. I like that they are made with natural ingredients instead of chemicals that can be harmful to your family and pets. Many smaller pests have a heightened sense of smell so it’s only natural that putting out something that they don’t like the smell of will cause them to “Stay Away”. By placing these handy scent infused pouches in strategic locations you’ll drive those pests away in no time.”

Read the full review as it originally appeared here:  Stay Away® by EarthKind®

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