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Blogger Review:  Stop Spiders with Stay Away®

Stay Away Spiders My Silly Little Gang Review.jpgSilvie at My Silly Little Gang was asked to review Stay Away® pest repellents and had a positive experience. Like so many people, she was almost as concerned about using harmful chemicals in her home as she was about seeing spiders on a daily basis. Natural pest prevention makes it easy to have a healthy home that is free from household pests.

Find out what Silvie had to say:

“Are you wondering if it works? Well so far I think it’s worked great. I have not been using it for long, but seems to be working very well. I used to see at least 10-15 spiders on a daily basis in each of these rooms. After placing the sachet that number has gone down to maybe finding 2-3 a week!

I will definitely be getting more of this product!”

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