Our company was not founded just to create profits or to reach a designated consumer, but to serve the world and the employees that help them thrive, EarthKind Founder and CEO, Kari Warberg Block.


This year, on World Kindness Day (October 13), EarthKind®, the nation’s leading plant-based pest prevention company, is emphasizing the holiday’s original mission: understanding that compassion for others is what binds us together.

Since its inception, EarthKind® has been determined to be an inclusive and compassionate employer, hiring individuals with special skills that many companies often overlook due to their different abilities. However, the handicapable team at EarthKind® is a valued contributor to the company’s overall success.

“Our handicapable team members are a true inspiration,” comments EarthKind® Founder and CEO, Kari Warberg Block, “they have a unique outlook on the world that reminds me always to be thankful, and that kindness elevates the human spirit.”

To ensure they actively include such individuals, EarthKind® partners with LIFESPAN, an organization that not only facilitates the recruitment of handicapable workers, it also monitors their progress and addresses any issues that may arise. Kari is personally involved, working closely with LIFESPAN and the handicapable workers, with the primary goal of building a company where people genuinely love to work.

“Our company was not founded just to create profits or to reach a designated consumer, but to serve the world and the employees that help them thrive,” says EarthKind® CEO, Kari Warberg Block. She adds, “All companies should take the lead to protect the health of humans, animals, and the environment, finding opportunities that did not traditionally exist before.”

To show appreciation for these vital members of the EarthKind® team, the company is placing a sticker inside each product shipment that notes the integration of handicapable workers into their workforce. Beyond this design, the sticker will also feature a QR code that links to further information about LIFESPAN and the stories of these essential team members.

“Visitors and new employees at our plant comment on how good they feel being in our building. I believe that the widespread kindness and appreciation amongst all our employees is what they are feeling. You can’t help but feel positive here, and the kindness spreads like a beautiful boomerang effect between all our employees. Our stickers are not only sharing our LIFESPAN team members’ stories, the stickers are also sharing their kindness with the world ” says Kimberly Purser, the Human Resource leader at EarthKind.

Warberg Block has dedicated her career to reframing how we perceive the smallest living things: insects. Rebelling against the kill-based status quo of the pest control industry, her botanical-based Stay Away® products—for rodentsants & cockroachesmosquitoesspiders, and moths—promise to respect Mother Earth and the delicate balance that is provided by essential critters. EarthKind® is guaranteed effective, cruelty-free, climate neutral, and USDA biobased certified—all designations demonstrating that the company’s primary goal is to protect our planet.

EarthKind’s ethos of employing handicapable workers and protecting insects and their environments embodies its mission to show that every living thing can make an impact. This purpose is realized by believing that everyone can provide a worthwhile contribution and creating ways for that to be exercised.

With the celebration of World Kindness Day, EarthKind® is encouraging everyone to complete one act of kindness today— for another, for themself, or for the world. If you are interested in applying your act towards the planet, we encourage you to check out EarthKind’s membership of 1% for the Planet.

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About EarthKind®:
EarthKind® is the leading pest prevention brand with a mission to reduce toxic pesticide use in homes and businesses by offing a Naturally Smarter® way to keep pests out without having to kill or poison them. EarthKind’s® 100% guaranteed, top-rated, solutions are produced using ingredients primarily grown on US farms, made by handicapable citizens who care and formulated to protect your stored valuables without harm to nature’s delicate ecosystems, or your family’s health. EarthKind® is a woman-owned, Carbon Neutral company.

LIFESPAN is an organization that empowers children and adults with disabilities by providing education, employment, and enrichment opportunities to live, work, and play in their communities. To remain focused on our mission, we work every day to help children and adults with disabilities to accomplish skills that may have seemed impossible to some.

About 1% For The Planet:
1% for the Planet is a global organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes to protect the environment. It exists to ensure our Planet and future generations thrive. We inspire businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofits through membership and everyday actions. We make environmental giving easy and effective through partnership advising, impact storytelling, and third-party certification.

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