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EARTHKIND, Inc. CEO 2017 STEP Award Honoree

kari_runnings.jpgWomen make up about 47 percent of the labor force, but only 27 percent of the manufacturing workforce.  The Manufacturing Institute has stepped in to help close this gap through its STEP Ahead initiative. Each year, the STEP Ahead Awards highlight women in manufacturing from across the United States. EARTHKIND, Inc.’s founder, Kari Warberg Block, is included in 2017’s STEP Ahead Honorees.

Block has disrupted the pest control industry, offering an alternative to traps and pesticides made from harmful chemicals. Her natural pest repellents have shifted the focus from killing pests after they have already caused problems, to proactively preventing infestations before they begin.

Her commitment to sourcing ingredients from American farmers, maintaining a low carbon footprint, and having EarthKind®‘s products made in America continue to disrupt markets and are proving to be a formula for success.