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EarthKind® CEO Takes Part In 1,000 Stories Campaign for Women Entrepreneurs

EarthKind®‘s founder and CEO, Kari Warberg Block, provides insight into how she grew the business into a $10 million company by working more on the business rather than in the business.kari_headshot.jpg

“When you take yourself out of the day-to-day, you can look at it differently,” Block says. “I like it because it’s challenging for me. And it’s fun, too, because it allows me to be very visionary.”

Originally Published by 11/16/2015 

Taking on the Challenges
By Riva Richmond

The nuts-and-bolts work of running a business preoccupies many women entrepreneurs. Are they thinking strategically enough soon enough to build the strongest, best companies they can?

Sales and marketing, personnel and management issues, the almighty dollar — these are the top challenges for the women entrepreneurs who shared their stories with us as part of the 1,000 Stories campaign.

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