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EarthKind Founder, Kari Warberg Block, Featured in Crain’s

Crain’s is a daily newsletter that serves as a one-stop source for empowering information to satisfy all of your interests and business needs. Recently, they talked to EarthKind CEO and Founder, Kari Warberg Block. Find out what she had to say:

“Q: There are added challenges when you’re bringing something to market that’s disrupting what people are used to using – in this case, poison – especially when it’s cheaper and what people are used to? How did you combat that?

I had to champion this product and then teach people to think differently. They’re used to just killing something with a spray or with a poison. It turned out, though, that there were, and there are, many people who are looking for a natural solution and who don’t just want to kill things. They believe, as we do, that pests have a place in the ecosystem.”

Read the full story here: Career Path: From farms to pantries, EarthKind founder fights pests responsibly