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The Earthkind Anthem is a call to action that kids of any age can sing along to, and be reminded of the true power we each have in the world through our actions.


EarthKind®, the leader of no-kill botanical pest deterrents and repellents, launched its official anthem yesterday, during Labor Day. “We’ve been working on this project with Amy Nelson for some time and are really excited for the whole world to hear it,” said Kari Warberg Block, CEO/Founder of EarthKind.

Naturally Smarter® solutions, and #NotAPest education that transforms the way people deal with pests is at the heart of EarthKind’s mission. When the company entered the pest control market, 98% of products worked using a lethal mode of action, killing insects and rodents by trapping or poisoning them. Rather than working against nature to exterminate these critters, EarthKind has made it easy to safely deter critters from homes and businesses before they do damage, in a way both that’s effective and kind to the critters. Consumers are responding to the eco-friendly approach, reducing their use of toxic, kill-based products by 10% according to Mintel Research. With ants and spiders found in 100% of homes; and protecting the environment, the #1 top concern for Gen Z and #3 top concern for Millennials, finding ways to work in harmony with nature is the best option as EarthKind sees it.

During a Pollinator Week event on July 26th, “EarthKind® Kids” and their families donned the company’s signature “Not a Pest” t-shirts and enjoyed a surprise sing-along of the newly minted EarthKind Anthem. “Starting in our hearts, homes, with our own families,” commented Warberg Block, “is where kindness can take root.”

Words to the EarthKind Anthem:
    Why kill the mouse
    For stepping in your house
    Why kill the spider
    Just for sitting down beside her
    Saving bugs, could save your lives
    Don’t commit insecticide
    We all want to do our part,
    EarthKind is the place to start!
    Choose peace on earth for peace of mind
    Protect your family with EarthKind.

Created to educate the younger generation on practical ways to live in harmony with nature, the EarthKind® Kids program engages children and changemakers alike with hands-on eco education activities, proving that caring for the planet can be fun, empowering, and lifelong rewarding. “I know how passionate kids can be about things when they feel empowered, my own grandchildren have taught me that,” Warberg Block continued, “the Earthkind Anthem is a call to action that kids of any age can sing along to, and be reminded of the true power we each have in the world through our actions.”

Everyone is invited to sing along by joining a social media contest running Sept 2 – Sept 16, 2022. The most popular videos sharing the EarthKind Anthem that tag @EarthKind. Living on Instagram or TikTok will win prizes, including exclusive “Not a Pest” merchandise, products from sustainable brands, and even school curriculum to support eco-education.

Amy Nelson is a documentarian, videographer, and one-half of the musical duo Folk Uke.
Her father, Willie Nelson, taught her to look out for the underdog, who is often, but not always, a dog. She is one of the founders of Willie’s Kids, a humane education initiative focusing on common sense compassion.

Mario Matteoli is a lifelong musician and former member of the Weary Boys. After years of touring nationally and abroad, he left the road to live with his wife and daughter in Kyle, Texas, where he considers himself to be the luckiest man alive.

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About EarthKind®:
EarthKind® is the leading pest prevention brand with a mission to reduce toxic pesticide use in homes and businesses by offing a Naturally Smarter® way to keep pests out without having to kill or poison them. EarthKind’s® 100% guaranteed, top-rated, solutions are produced using ingredients primarily grown on US farms, made by handicapable citizens who care and formulated to protect your stored valuables without harm to nature’s delicate ecosystems, or your family’s health. EarthKind® is a woman-owned, Carbon Neutral company.

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