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EarthKind® Offers a Safe Alternative to Rat Poison

Owl_sickend_by_poisoned_mouse.jpgConsumer demand has created a growing market for natural alternatives when it comes to pest control. Legislation is catching up and creating stricter regulations for pesticides that may cause harm to unintended species.

As JoAnn Byrnes states in her recent article:

“Wildlife is being compromised at the hand of this potent poison killer. You put it out for mice and or rats. They become very disoriented and it takes them a couple days to die. This makes them prime victims for birds of prey or other predators. Now the birds and other animals are being poisoned because they ate the poisoned mouse and it affects them greatly. Almost all of the raptors found hit by a car test positive for this rodenticide.”

Read her full article here:  WILD AGAIN: Poison in Paradise