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Electric and Utility Providers Save Big $$$ with New, Botanical Rat and Mouse Control

The easiest way for utility companies to control rodents is to keep mice and rats from ever setting up house – keeping a botanical rodent repellent is the most effective way to do that.

An Illinois electricity provider had a big, expensive problem. It needed to clean and tune up the 64 air conditioning units used to keep its 32 cell towers cool and operating efficiently year-round. The problem: all the cell towers, located in rural communities, were full of mice. The critters loved setting up nests in the AC panels and chewing through the electrical wiring, which caused significant damage and a huge number of compressor failures. A whopping 98% of the towers had rodent damage, and each repair cost between $100 and $3,000. The math was daunting.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: A New Kind of Rodent Control

In 1998, North Dakota rancher Kari Warberg Block had experienced the same problem on a smaller scale: she had mice in the cab of her farm tractor. Warberg Block didn´t want to use moth balls to repel rodents because she has allergies (and moth balls stink). She also decided against poisons because she was worried about her children and family pets.

Warberg Block had once chased a mouse out of a truck cab with a spray perfume she kept in her purse. She knew that mice hate lots of smells that people love. Experimenting with the botanical essential oils that she used to make potpourri from wildflowers, she discovered the magic of balsam fir oil: people like it but rodents run from it in terror. Why? Because it endangers their lives by preventing them from smelling danger. Rats and mice never knowingly place themselves in danger. They live, breed and destroy only where they feel perfectly safe. Manipulating their sense of smell is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to repel rodents.

Warberg Block named her product FRESH CAB® and put it in clean, disposable, easy-to-use pouches. It´s made of corn cob chips saturated with botanical oils that are pleasant to humans, and the main active scent is balsam fir oil. FRESH CAB is the first—and is still the only—EPA-registered plant-based product that will control rodents in enclosed areas and indoors. It has received the National Home Gardening Club´s member-tested-and-recommended seal of approval, and is also endorsed by the Good Sam Club (the world´s largest association for RV owners), (a site about social and environmental issues) and the Green Business Network.

3 Reasons Electric and Utility Companies Should Use Natural Rodent Repellent
1. The Public Demands Environmentally Safe Practices.

FRESH CAB rodent repellent is safe for use around kids and pets and is widely used in homes as well as in manufacturing, business and utility settings. This means that it´s safe for employees who use it, and it’s also safe for the environment. Utilities can tell their customers with complete confidence that they use a “green” product to help ensure that their service is continuous.

2. Keeping Rodents Away Substantially Decreases Rodent Damage, Lowering Costs for the Company and Service Downtime for Customers.

Deal with rodent problems once and then never again. Just put a convenient FRESH CAB pouch in any enclosed area with existing or potential rodent problems—rats and mice will leave and never come back. Service professionals will save time because he pouches remain effective for up to 90 days in places such as garages and sheds, and last even longer in smaller, tightly enclosed areas.

3. Preventative Rodent Control is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Keep Rats and Mice Out of Enclosed Places.

FRESH CAB works (read testimonials) and costs less than the amount of poison or number of traps that would be needed to be equally effective. And it doesn’t leave dead rodents scattered around to be cleaned up. Rodent repellent makes sure those varmints don’t enter in the first place.

Remember that electric provider with the mice in its 64 air conditioning units? These days, that provider´s service professionals just place a FRESH CAB pouch in each unit twice a year during the semi-annual tune-up. Damage reports have dropped below 10%, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars annually. Best of all, FRESH CAB has drastically cut down on the number of service interruptions its customers suffer.

Retailers and wholesalers across the nation sell FRESH CAB. If rats and mice are losing money for your business, corporation, electric company, or utility, visit to learn how FRESH CAB rodent control can help you.

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