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FRESH CAB® Receives Federal EPA Registration

On April 26th our botanical product, FRESH CAB®, was approved for sale as a “botanical rodent repellent” by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. This registration allows us to label our product for that use and give recommendations. It also ensures consumers that the product has been tested for consumer and environmental safety issues before being sold. Thankfully, FRESH CAB was found to have no known hazards!

The new outer package/label will be available by July 1st for sale in most states. You may notice a slight increase in retail price due to your state’s regulatory fees. You may also notice a newly designed website next time you visit. Lastly, I want you to know that we appreciate your business because we wouldn’t be successful without your continued satisfaction and support! We will always strive to earn this from you.


Kind Regards,

Kari Warberg / Founder and CEO


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