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Going Green is Good for Business . . .When There’s a Purpose


Lowe’s is rolling out EarthKind® pallet displays in 1,700 stores across the county. A big achievement for a small brand that stands clean and green against the traditional kill methods that currently make up 90% of all retail DIY pest control.

“Lowe’s is making a serious commitment to diversify its pest control offering for its customers, and I’m proud to be a part of its environmentally conscious corporate policy,” says EarthKind Founder and CEO Kari Warberg Block. “While it has not always been easy, there’s a great deal of satisfaction that comes with knowing you have stuck to your values and got everyone aligned to achieve business success.”

“We knew there was a gap in our set. Kari’s product can supplement the traditional products, or be used by itself,” said Lowe’s Merchandising Manager Jason Miller. “Stay Away® Moths, Rodents and Spiders can be found in-store at Lowe’s next to cleaning, and storage/organization aisles.”


Going green has always been good, but going green with a purpose is what builds business success. Competing in today’s economy means that businesses must not only deliver value, they must also operate responsibly, and that includes responsibility towards the environment. Changing the nature of the pest control category means challenging the status quo. EarthKind and Lowe’s are all about giving homeowners choices—offering a balance of options and helping people understand how to use them.

Early on, Kari decided that she wanted to run a business with purpose. Because of her farming upbringing she had an idea that could revolutionize pest control. She wanted her company to stand for sustainable values and do no harm, and so she set out to work towards that unified purpose. And her ideals are taking root.

With only a few dollars in her pocket, a couple of product samples and a fierce determination, Kari has succeeded where others have failed. The core of her environmentally sustainable business has been built and managed around that purpose; it’s not just a feel-good tactic. She realized that it’s an operational business issue, not a marketing campaign and certainly not a fad. Motivated by that clear focus, Kari was awarded a small agricultural diversification grant to test the waters with her new invention – a new approach to rodent control. With the assistance of the North Dakota Ag Department, she was able to bring new jobs to the state as her business grew and she was able to convince bigger retailers to take on a “green” brand.

It takes a leader to make believers. With an unprecedented 97.5% repeat purchase rate, retailers believe that Kari and EarthKind are on the right track. People want pest control options that are fast acting, non-toxic and safe, especially if there are children and pets in the household. In fact, according to a recent report from Mintel, 61% of pest control product users prefer to use natural, non-chemical alternatives. Understanding that from the outset, Kari strove to bring the same gold standard to ‘green’ that’s been used for traditional methods by getting Federal EPA reviews and registrations.

It’s no longer enough for an enterprise to earn a good profit; companies must also be a force for good. EarthKind is profitable for the retailer, yet affordable for the consumer. To become operationally efficient, the company moved its plant to its retailers’ backyard, enabling earthkind to maintain a 2% carbon footprint.

It will take committed entrepreneurs, retailers and investors to help drive the new wave of social change and environmental conservation. Being on the front line and riding that new wave has given Kari a unique perspective and deep appreciation on how to get workers, communities and customers working together to do good business that generates profits and protects the planet.

Media interested in setting up an interview with Kari Warberg Block to learn more about how she built EarthKind into a multi-million dollar green brand with a purpose, please contact Jillian Chertok at jillian(at)adinnyc(dot)com or 212.693.2150 x311.

About EarthKind®
Founded by leading pest prevention expert Kari Warberg Block, earthkind is a pioneer in natural prevention for households everywhere. Its line of pet and planet friendly pest prevention products and rodent repellents provide effective, safe and natural ways to get rid of pests and bring inviting smells into your home. All EarthKind products are made exclusively from plant fibers and oils sourced from American farms, and they’re designed by inventive artists, scientists, and engineers who care about the Earth. EarthKind products are made in the USA and the company provides handicapped individuals with meaningful employment. Kari was named to the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Class of 2012, 2013 ND SBA Small Business Person of the Year and National Second Runner Up. Her latest product, Stay Away® was the winner of the 2015 NEXTY People’s Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year. Learn more at and on social media:

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