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Kari Warberg Block Featured in Bismarck Tribune

EarthKind was founded in North Dakota after a farm wife had a very unpleasant rodent run-in. That farm wife was Kari Warberg Block, and she’s a true trailblazer. Sitting down with the Bismarck Tribune, she shared about temporarily halting production of her most successful product, Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent, in 2017.

Kari Warberg Block

“Warberg-Block’s success hasn’t been easy. EarthKind took most of 2017 off, halting production for a company overhaul.

To sell commercially, Warberg-Block had needed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration, which required extensive studies over a five-year period proving the balsam fir needle oil in her products kept away pests. That was put at risk when she found a supplier wasn’t sticking to EarthKind standards.”

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