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Natural Pest Prevention from EarthKind® Featured in Energy Times’ Summer Gift Guide

Here are some products to ensure you have a safe, fun-filled summer, whether you’re staffing the grill for guests or jumping waves at the beach

Originally Published on July 19, 2016 by Energy Times 

Natural Pest Prevention From EarthKind®

EarthKind, a manufacturer of natural pest prevention products and rodent repellents, has launched its latest line, Stay Away®. In a patented pouch design, which delivers long-lasting slow release of proven oils, each variety of Stay Away—Rodent, Spiders, Moths, Ants, Beetles—quickly and naturally repels pests from treated areas. Simply place the Stay Away pouch in any indoor or enclosed area to ensure pests stay away from your home, while at the same time protecting yourself, your loved ones, pets and the environment; like all EarthKind products, Stay Away contains no poisons or toxic materials.

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