Additional Seasonal Pest Facts by EarthKind®.

Fall is mating season for spiders, but this year experts predict a spike in spider populations in areas that have received more rainfall from recent storms according to The National Pest Management Association’s bi-annual Bug Barometer™. It is also predicted that summer-like weather during September and October will contribute to higher rodent activity in the fall season, since warmer weather allows rodents to produce healthier litters than in colder months. As the climate continues to change, so will pest habits. Kari Warberg Block, pest prevention expert, offers five simple and effective eco-friendly tips to avoid a pest invasion this season.

Kari believes that prevention is the key when it comes to pest infestations. Preventing pest problems doesn’t have to mean exposure to dangerous poisons, traps or nasty clean up. She offers the following tips for a humane and effective approach to keep pests out:

  • Seal up all holes in foundation and entryways. Changes in temperature can quickly create cracks in the foundation of a home that homeowners are unaware of. Mice can enter through openings the size of a dime that are often overlooked including gaps between building materials, utility and HVAC lines, door and window frames and roof vents using their amazing ability to climb.
  • Check for signs of an infestation. With over 21 million homes reporting rodent problems each year, chances are that most homeowners already have a few of them hiding inside. Be on the lookout for signs of their presence such as:

     – droppings around food packages, in drawers or cupboards, and under the sink

     – sighting of shredded material such as shredded paper, fabric, or dried plant matter they use to make nests

     – stale smells coming from hidden areas

     – greasy marks a few inches from the ground or wall pipes left behind as rodents make consistent pathways to food sources

  • Spiders put a lot of effort into weaving their silky webs, so they don’t like it when you disturb them. They also don’t like the high-pitched vibration of a vacuum. Use a vacuum hose to clear out spider webs and creepy crawlers will be on their way to a more peaceful home.
  • Use a spray made of half a cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of liquid dish soap and 20 drops of thyme oil. The scented mixture has been used to prevent spiders from attaching their silk to sprayed surfaces.
  • Use a plant-based repellent to keep pests out of your home. Protecting your home from an invasion this fall doesn’t have to mean exposing you or your loved ones to dangerous poisons, traps or nasty clean up.  Stay Away® by EarthKind® is the first pest prevention line made entirely out of plant-based ingredients including essential oils and plant fibers. Both Stay Away® Mice and Stay Away® Spiders are a perfect solution to seasonal pests, offering a humane and effective approach to keeping pests from moving in.

Media interested in setting up an interview with Kari Warberg Block to learn more about her all natural pest prevention techniques, please contact Danielle Schufreider at danielle(at) or 212.693.2150 x314.

About EarthKind®
Founded by leading pest prevention expert Kari Warberg Block, EarthKind® is a pioneer in natural prevention for households everywhere. Its line of high performance, plant-based, pest repellent products provide effective, safe and natural ways to get rid of pests and bring inviting smells into your home. All EarthKind® products are made exclusively of botanical fibers and oils sourced from American farms and designed by inventive artists, scientists and engineers who care about the earth. EarthKind® products are made in the USA and the company provides handicapped individuals with meaningful employment. Kari was named to the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Class of 2012, 2013 ND SBA Small Business Person of the Year and National Second Runner Up. Stay Away® Spiders received a 2017 Eco-Excellence Award™. Stay Away® was also the winner of the 2015 NEXTY People’s Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year and the. Learn more at and on social media:

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