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EARTHKIND, Inc. Plants Seeds of Kindness in North Dakota

Social media campaign challenges others to help kindness grow around the globe.

Bismarck, No Dak.– On Thursday, May 28th at 3:30 PM, EARTHKIND, Inc. will plant the seeds of a community garden that will feed hundreds of North Dakota residents. The garden is located behind the Legacy Methodist Church in Bismarck and is part of a larger project the local natural pest prevention company launched in April. The project is called #BeKind and it challenged a group of volunteers to make kindness grow.

Throughout the months of April and May, members of a woman’s leadership program, sponsored by the Center for Technology and Business, were each given $50 and asked to perform a random act of kindness, locally.

“It was all part of a bigger plan,” Kari Warberg Block, EarthKind®’s CEO laughed. “We knew that if we could plant the seeds of kindness, they would begin sprouting all over town, and we weren’t disappointed. We watched as some of the women matched our donations, so they could have an even bigger impact. And then, we saw people they offered to help, ask if they could pay it forward, and give the money to someone who might need it more.”

An experiment that began with the North Dakota Women’s Leadership graduates — grew into a project that fed hungry families, kept the lights on for local residents and sprinkled kindness throughout the community. Unsuspecting residents of Minot, Bismarck and New Town were surprised with simple pleasures like ice cream cones, flowers and free meals.

“EarthKind’s community garden was actually inspired by one of our volunteers,” Warberg Block explained. “Ten year old Bryce Dahle heard about the #BeKind project and asked his mother Julie, if he could participate. He wanted to give baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables to families that were less fortunate than his own.  He told us that his dream was to be able to give out even more baskets, so we decided to help him make kindness grow a little more. He and his friends are going to be helping us all summer as we grow vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.”

And while the #BeKind project began in North Dakota, Warberg Block is hoping that its impact will be felt around the globe. Now EarthKind is challenging Facebook followers to bring the company projects that have the potential to spread kindness even further. Ideas can be submitted on EarthKind’s Facebook page from May 26th through June 3rd 2016. Projects selected will be announced during the month of June.

More information on EarthKind’s  #BeKind campaign is available on the company’s Facebook page.


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