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Blogger Review: Redhead Mom Uses Stay Away Mosquitoes®

Shannon Gurnee, the blogger behind Redhead Mom, knows how worrisome mosquitoes can be when you’re trying to protect your family.

“I don’t know about you, but spending time outdoors with the family can be a lot of fun…that is until the mosquitoes come out. Ugh, those things are both annoying and can make us miserable!!  Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects because of their ability to rapidly spread disease. In fact, just one small bite can transmit any number of serious health concerns, including ZIKA. For pregnant women, contracting ZIKA from a mosquito bite can be devastating.”

Spending time together as a family doesn’t mean putting your family at risk though. EarthKind is here to help with a new skin-friendly spray that repels mosquitoes, Stay Away Mosquitoes®.

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