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Stay Away® Mosquitoes Review: Coffee Addicted Mom of 6 Gets Rid of Mosquitoes

A good mosquito repellent is hard to find! No one knows the struggle better than Ashley, the blogger behind Coffee Addicted Mom of 6. Living the heat and humidity of Louisiana, she’s searched high and low for a product that actually works without leaving unpleasant scents or greasy residue behind.

Here’s what she had to say after trying Stay Away Mosquitoes by EarthKind:

I was able to use this product on everyone in my household, from my 18-month-old daughter to myself! The repellent is marketed as unscented and truly does not have an obnoxious smell at all. There is a VERY light scent when you first apply the spray, but it does not linger.

The spray comes out a creamy white color and blends easily into the skin with no residue left over. It is not greasy or heavy on your skin.

And now to the most important part. It kept the mosquitos away! Most evenings, if we dare to venture outside, we will come in COVERED in bites. Mosquitoes seem to absolutely love my youngest daughter, but after using Stay Away she was actually able to enjoy being outside during those peak mosquito hours!

Read the full review here:  EarthKind, LLC Stay Away Mosquito Repellent (Product Review)

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