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Stay Away® Moths Giveaway on Happy Simple Living Blog

Eliza Cross, the woman behind Happy Simple Living, reviewed EarthKind’s natural moth repellent, Stay Away® Moths. As a mother, pet-owner and homemaker, she strives to keep her home filled with health, happiness and harmony. Toxic or poison based products like mothballs don’t align with those principles.

Fortunately, Stay Away is a natural alternative that prevents and repels pests without harmful chemicals. Here is what she had to say after trying it out:

“The scent is a pleasant blend of geranium and cedar, not at all like mothballs my grandma had to use. Best of all, two days later the tiny winged visitors skedaddled and I haven’t seen a moth since. One pouch will protect a small closet or storage container, and the natural repellent lasts for 30 to 60 days. The products are available at stores like Ace Hardware and Lowe’s.”

Check out the full post, and her crystal clear photo tutorial, plus giveaway here:  Win a Natural Pest Control Kit

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