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Stay Away® Review: Mommy’s Block Party Summer Fun Guide

The products we bring into our home affect the health and harmony of those we love. EarthKind products are designed with wellness in mind, helping families preserve the good and prevent rest without any harmful chemicals.

The team behind Mommy’s Block Party know all about the struggles of finding products that are both safe and effective to use around the house.

“When we became parents, we became uneasy about not knowing exactly what was being used in and around our home to treat it for pest problems. Our children love to play on our wooden floors and crawl over thresholds and scoot along baseboards, which is primarily where pest control chemicals are sprayed in homes. Was it safe for our kids, for ourselves, for pets?”

Read the full review here:  Keep Pests at Bay (the Natural Way) with Stay Away by Earthkind + Stay Away Prize Pack #Giveaway

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