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5 Reasons Mosquitoes Bite You More Than Others

By: EarthKind

It’s easy to feel targeted by mosquitoes.

Maybe you’re the only one at a beach party on a summer’s evening getting eaten alive, or maybe your partner sleeps peacefully all night while you feel buzzing all around and wake up covered in welts.

We get it. We’ve been there. Besides sending sympathy, we have two things that can offer some relief; science and solutions. Thanks to science, we now know why some people particularly attract mosquitoes. And thanks to our founder, we have a 100% effective, guaranteed solution for keeping you naturally unattractive to mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, and other critters that might have otherwise found you delicious.

Here’s why mosquitoes might be choosing you.

#1 You Work Out

Mosquitoes mainly find their prey by detecting carbon dioxide, which all of us human beings breathe out. They also love lactic acid, which your body creates during exercise… which also makes you breathe more heavily, making even more of that C02. So when you’re done chopping firewood, biking on the trails, or running around after your kids, your sweaty, tired body is like a dinner bell for mosquitoes.

#2 They Can Smell Your Feet

Ever woken up confused with an itchy foot or ankle and discovered a bite there, wondering why a mosquito would go for your foot? Turns out mosquitoes are attracted to the odor of Limburger cheese. If you haven’t smelled it before, you’d know it if you did: it smells like feet. Both Limburger cheese and feet have a bacterium in common, and mosquitoes love that bacteria.

#3 You’re Pregnant (Congratulations!)

Mosquitoes are another thing you can expect when you’re expecting, sadly. Pregnancy bites. This goes back to carbon dioxide, as pregnant women breathe more heavily since they’re breathing for two. Pregnant women are also warmer – they do have a bun in the oven – which scientists think is another way mosquitoes find their targets.

#4 You Had A Drink

If you’ve ever sat on the porch with a few beers at dusk, you’ve probably also been savaged by mosquitoes. Turns out mosquitoes are attracted to alcohol consumption, and they even have an enzyme that lets them break down alcohol in your bloodstream so they can drink as much as they like. Sticking to water might decrease the bites.

#5 You’re Just Unlucky. Sorry!

Some people simply stand out more than others. Your genes determine the makeup of the chemicals on your skin, and mosquitoes are pros at sensing that chemical soup. You can also blame your genetics for your blood type, as mosquitoes apparently love that type O blood, while people with type A blood are far less likely to be bitten.

So what can you ACTUALLY do to avoid mosquito bites?

There are some cumbersome options like wearing tightly-woven clothing that mosquitoes can’t infiltrate, sleeping under mosquito nets, and staying indoors at dawn or dusk, when mosquitoes are most actively seeking your blood. You might even be desperate enough to move to a chicken farm, since mosquitoes apparently don’t like your new feathered friends.

Or, you can live your life the way you want to, and use a proven mosquito repellent, like Stay Away® Mosquitoes. It’s 100% effective, guaranteed. Because we are EarthKind, we made it free of harmful chemicals, safe for pregnant women and children, unscented, and water-resistant. When used as directed, Stay Away Mosquitoes provides EPA-approved protection for you and your family from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies and chiggers for up to 14 hours. So get outside, enjoy nature, and tell the mosquitoes to stay away.