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Ant-Man is a Superhero, but at Home, Ants Seem Like Villains


Fighting Crime is Tough, but Fighting an Ant Infestation is Even Tougher! 

So it’s not surprising that one of this summer’s most anticipated superheroes has adopted the ant’s amazing abilities — we’re talking about Ant-Man of course. On the big screen, he can be seen breaking into a secured building by crawling up a water pipe and flying on the back of a winged carpenter ant, but ants are most noticeable at home when they’re marching along your counter top.

Comic books, superheroes, and summer blockbusters have found inspiration from household pests in the past too — think about the many incarnations of Spiderman, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in The Avenger films, and even Mighty Mouse.

In the movies, you always want the ‘good guy’ to win, even if he gets his superpowers from an annoying pest. In real life, we think you’re the ‘good guy’ and we want you to ‘win’ the war against pests.

How much can ants lift?

Movies and comic books always have a backstory explaining how the hero came into his or her superpowers. Ant-Man’s claim to fame comes from a special suit that can decrease his size, increase his strength, and gives him the ability to communicate with other ants.

In reality, ants use the same skills as Ant-Man to survive. Power in numbers is key to their success, so they live and work together in colonies. Although they depend heavily on teamwork, an individual ant can lift many times their own body weight, making it seem like they possess a sort of super strength. Don’t let their tiny size fool you though, being small makes it easy for ants to get in and out of almost anywhere.

Ants communicate with one another using scent markers and trails. This is how they can tell friends from enemies, find food, and navigate to and from their nests. Ant-Man has a special device that lets him ‘talk’ to ants through olfactory cues, which is just a fancy way of saying they follow his directions via smell. While he uses this special skill for some really cool stunts, you can use this information to accomplish great things yourself — you can get rid of ants naturally by using a scent-based repellent.

Follow your nose and be your own hero.

Heightened senses are a common trait for both insects and superheroes, and it makes them formidable opponents. But like Superman’s kryptonite and Achilles’s heel, these seemingly super powered senses can be a weakness.

Many creatures — including ants — rely on their senses to find food, friends, and safety from predators. Using a natural pest repellent scented with essential oils can block or confuse the scent trails pests use to navigate an area, causing them to avoid the area completely rather than risk walking into foreign territory. Aromas that smell nice to people can be overwhelming to the specialized scent receptors of ants. The fragrances of lemongrass, peppermint and thyme (the essential oils found in Stay Away® Ants) block out the scent trails ants use when leaving their nests and foraging for food.

Save the day with safe and easy ant control.

Ants might look kind of creepy up close, but after watching Ant-Man save the day, it’s hard to not appreciate their amazing abilities.

By practicing a little pest prevention with tips like the #AntBites we’ve been sharing on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter , as well as using our natural ant repellent, you can be sure you don’t have to come face to face with any insect intruders. At the same time, you can be sure you’re not harming these neat little bugs, or endangering your own pets or family. You’ll be replacing dangerous poisons used in most pesticides with a natural alternative, and maintaining the health and harmony of your home.

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