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Kari Warberg Block

Kari Warberg Block, founder and CEO of EarthKind, LLC is an inventor, serial entrepreneur and small business champion with a passion for growing people, products, ideas, and business through a sustainable approach. Kari is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Blog and Entrepreneur.

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What Happened to Fresh Cab?

Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent first appeared on store shelves in 2007, after I faced a hell-raising battle with wild mice on our farm. Finding a way to prevent the damage these little…

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Mice Prevention:  Details on the Diet of a Mouse

Mice are pesky little critters you don’t want to see scurrying about your home. If you’re looking to get rid of mice or prevent mice from ever returning to your…

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Do You Know What Your Pest Exterminator Is Spraying In Your Home?

Countless consumers have shared their concerns over the poisons that are being used in their homes to exterminate insects and rodents. Emotions have been high since a Delaware family became severely…

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A Mouse in the House, A Rat in the Roof: How To Identify a Rodent

Mice and rats can make excellent pets. When domesticated, they are clean, intelligent and docile. However, just as a weed is a plant in the wrong place, a pest is…

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8 Simple Solutions To Keep Moths Away From Your Wools and Silks

As temperatures begin to cool down, we’re all putting away our cute little cotton tops and replacing them with the cozy wool sweaters we stashed away last spring. Unfortunately, some…

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7 Simple Solutions To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

Have you ever noticed that you rarely see a lone ant? That’s because they travel in colonies. When one little scavenger picks up the scent of food, he carries it…

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Oklahoma Mother Loses Limbs After Being Bitten By A Tick

  Late last week, it was reported, that an Oklahoma woman was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever — a tick-borne illness that can be fatal if not treated quickly….

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Get Rid of Spiders from the House. Sneaky Tips That Keep Spiders Out.

Summer is spider season, and by now, most of you have probably had your first creepy crawly sighting. We’re hoping that’s all it was and that spiders haven’t taken a…

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Olive Oil, Coffee and Chamomile. Help Your Garden Grow — Naturally.

Just like many of you, I’m so excited to watch the flowers and vegetables  I’ve planted this Spring come to life. But this year, I’m working on a very special…

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9 Women Kept A Very Kind Secret For Decades. #BeKind

Over the last few weeks, as we spread the word about earthkind’s #BeKind campaign, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for people around the country that are doing extraordinary things. The 9…

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