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Basement Storage – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark!

If you’re anything like me, you understand the necessity of a storage shed. My family and I are ALWAYS in and out of the shed. We are constantly grabbing the portable fire pit for the evening or the folding chairs for the weekend. Storage is where we keep all of the things that don’t quite fit, or are too dirty to keep in the house like golf clubs, football pads and softball gear. Switching seasons from summer to fall is an especially busy time for our shed; we put away the summer toys and take out the fall items, like rakes and the leaf blower. The children’s pool and the adults ATV’s are making their last appearances before involuntarily hibernating for the season of snow.

keep mice out of storage

Mice will feel no remorse nor care if the next time we open our shed, we find a pile of filth and feces on top of our beloved hammock — in fact, they are living the dream under our roof. That is just one of the reasons we follow a few simple steps to mouse proof our storage.

Keeping mice out of sheds and storage with 4 simple steps:

  • Take the appeal away from your shed. If you store bird seed or pet food in your shed try keeping it in an air tight container where mice can’t sniff it out. Mice rely on their sense of smell because of their poor eye sight. Making food less accessible for rodents is your first line of defense.
  • Make sure you are not bringing items into the shed that a mouse could be taking cover in. Things like patio furniture and boxes may already have a mouse living in them. You may be the one that is actually bringing in a mouse without knowing it.
  • Make sure that the shed does not have an easy access inside. Check for cracks in foundation or around the windows (check the roof too), so that mice don’t have as many ways to sneak inside. If the door has any holes or gaps, seal them up. The bones of a mouse can contract and expand so it can fit through a hole the size of a pencil eraser.

earthkind natural pest prevention

  • Protect your storage with a foolproof mouse repellent. The final step to take when protecting your storage from rodents is to use Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent throughout the shed, especially near any openings so that mice will be too intimidated to enter. Being that mice rely on their sense of smell to help them find their way around, sniff out food, and alert them to danger, the scent of Fresh Cab overwhelms their noses and repels them away without killing them. The risk will seem far greater than the reward for them, and your shed will be mouse free!

Here’s a great ‘how to’ video for protecting a storage shed during the winter season from EarthKind customer Dan Fitzgerald: