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Cat Friendly Natural Mouse Control

By: EarthKind


Tom and Jerry may have given people unrealistic expectations of a cat and mouse. Tom has been chasing Jerry with gusto since the 1940’s! In reality, many house cats start to slow down over the years. What used to be a fun game of cat and mouse begins to lose its appeal compared to lazing around in a patch of sunshine or a warm laundry basket.

One of our readers recently wrote in describing a cat-related conundrum:

My cat turned 20 years old this August. Last fall and winter he killed 9 mice. But now he falls asleep while waiting for them to come out. I was going to try peppermint oil, but that affects cats neurologically. Do I put Fresh Cab both in the mouse entrance of dryer and dryer vent outside? Or do I leave an escape at those points and put Fresh Cab in all cupboards and drawers where ever I find mouse droppings?

This is a very good question! We love hearing from customers and are happy to help any member of the rodent-challenged population.

How to get rid of mice with Fresh Cab.

While we often advise placing Fresh Cab near entry points to keep rodents out, if you know that you already have a mouse, it would be wise to start by placing the pouches in the areas where you have seen rodent activity. After the pouches have been in place for a few days, and the rodent activity has ceased, then you should go about sealing the entry points to prevent any rodents from returning. In the case of a dryer vent, hardware stores sell a wire mesh cover that can be placed over the vent opening on the outside of your home to keep pests and other debris from getting in. Placing Fresh Cab near the opening is another step to prevent rodent problems, but make sure it is not trapped in the vent after you install the cover. You will need to refresh the pouch approximately every 90 days or when the scent diminishes.

Does peppermint oil get rid of mice? Is peppermint safe around cats?

Although peppermint oil may seem like a good idea for getting rid of mice (after all, it’s natural and humane), its efficacy has not been proven and it isn’t safe to use around cats. For cats, inhalation or ingestion of mint can result in pneumonia, upset stomach, liver damage and central nervous system problems. If you think your cat has inhaled or ingested any kind of mint, please contact your vet immediately.

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