Health Risks & Possible Danger

If I were a mouse, I would love the idea of living in a warm dryer vent during the cold winter months—wouldn’t you?!?

Last winter, I found a couple of mice roaming around in my house.  Although I think mice can be little and cute, they scare me with their quick movements.  And cute or not, I don’t like finding them in my house!

So naturally, I started investigating the various ways they could have entered my home. I thought maybe they had found a free ride in through an open door or, as they are often known to do, or through cracks in my home’s foundation. To my surprise, I learned that even if you have a new home, mice can find a way in through the foundation… hmm. I assumed that was how the little rodents got into my house and turned my focus to getting them out. I also remembered that if you catch them live, you need to relocate them miles away from your house or they will find their way back.


Earlier, I had noticed that my dryer wasn’t working as well as it should have been and thought maybe the vent needed to be cleaned. This had happened before so I figured it was time for an annual cleaning. When the repairman came to look at my dryer, I watched him clean out the vent. There was extra lint, dirt, and other sorts of debris in there. Then I noticed it! A mouse nest in the mix of junk he was cleaning out. No wonder my dryer wasn’t working well. Dryer vents are a very warm and cozy oasis for a cold, little rodent, who can blame them?

I was not about to have another mouse in my house. Since I had seen several mice already, it was time to de-mouse my house and quick! I still didn’t know exactly how they’d gotten in:  foundation, open door, dryer vent, or some other way. So, I planned my attack on several fronts.

How to get rid of mice

First I put a screen on the dryer vent to prevent rodents from having an easy entrance to a warm, cozy home. Then I placed a Fresh Cab pouch near the vent opening. Next, I placed several Fresh Cab rodent repellent pouches around my house. I put them near places I thought the mice might try to sneak in. I put Fresh Cab in storage areas, too, in case those little rodents had any ideas about building nests there.

After a few short weeks I noticed I had not seen a single mouse (or any new droppings) in my house!  This mouse caper was closed!