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Chaos Never Dies Day

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There seems to be a special day set aside for just about anything that you can think of, and today is no exception. The origins of this unofficial holiday are unclear, but November 9th is widely recognized on the internet as Chaos Never Dies Day. As I’m sure you know, if The Internet says so, then it must be true!

How should this unique day be observed? I’d recommend letting go of all your stress and accepting, perhaps even embracing the fact that chaos never does die. We’ve just survived Halloween and time change. Now you’d better get busy stocking up on all of your Thanksgiving groceries because have you ever tried to go pick up just one more can of pumpkin pie filling the day before Turkey Day? That is some serious chaos that no one wants to face!

Cut the Chaos; Here’s How…

Don’t sweat the small stuff though; acceptance is the first step to getting through these trying times (I’m referring to the holidays of course). Once you’ve accepted that the chaos will never die, focus on tackling one task at a time. Plan a Thanksgiving menu. When that is done, make a shopping list. After the shopping has been completed, start preparing your home for holiday guests.

During this phase of chaos, I’d like to gently remind everyone that much like chaos never dies, pest prevention and control is a never ending task too. While cleaning house to make your home inviting for holiday visitors, remember to make it uninviting to pest invaders. A tidy, organized home does not offer readily available food or hiding places for ants, spiders, moths and rodents, reducing the likelihood of a pest infestation. Follow this three step plan to pest proof your home and prepare for the holidays, and things will feel a little less chaotic:

  1. Clean up. Keep floors and counters clear of crumbs and food stuffs. Store holiday sweets in air tight containers to preserve their freshness and prevent pests.
  2. Seal up. Make sure doors, windows and screens are sealed properly and free from holes or other damage. This will keep pests out and heat in during the chilly season.
  3. Pouch up. Stay Away® pest prevention pouches will keep ants, spiders, moths and rodents from coming in where they aren’t wanted. As an added bonus, our rodent repellent utilizes balsam fir essential oil as its main ingredient, filling your home with a pleasant, Christmasy scent.

Some things, like chaos, may be beyond your control, but pest problems don’t have to fall into that category. Pest prevention may be a never ending job, but with this three step plan, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful.

How do you control the chaos of the holiday season?

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