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Coming Soon to a Dryer Vent Near You: Mice


Dropping temperatures may have you reaching for your warmer clothes and digging Christmas decorations out of storage. Think about how good it feels to pull a comfy sweater fresh and warm out of the dryer; that toasty warm dryer is just as comforting to rodents as it is for you. What better of a place for a mouse to take shelter than your dryer vents? They are warm and they provide a highway right into your home. Most people forget about this rodent entrance until they have to fish out a smelly, dead rat. If you have not mouse-proofed your dryer vents yet, take note and get to know your local hardware store, as they will have all of the rodent-proofing essentials you will need.

4 steps to prevent mice in dryer vents:

  1. First, look for signs of rodent activity in and around the dryer vent. Clean out any nests, droppings and/or rodent remains as these are vectors for diseases and pose a fire risk.
  2. Place Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent pouches anywhere you have seen rodent activity or signs of mice.

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  1. Wait a few days for Fresh Cab to send mice running away. The balsam fir scent of Fresh Cab is safe for humans but highly offensive to rodents.
  2. Cover any entry points rodents have used or might try to gain entry through. The outside opening of the dryer vent is especially vulnerable, but can be covered with a wire mesh cover available at most hardware stores. Use silicone caulk around the edges and to fill other small cracks or openings you may find.

If your local hardware store isn’t already in your GPS, you should make room on your best friend’s waiting list for these fine retailers. They will help you every step of the way, from preventing rodent run-ins to making sure they never happen again!

Fresh Cab and these other pest prevention supplies can be found at numerous stores near you, check out our list to find the most convenient location.

Have you ever found a mouse in your house?


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